Self-Study Committee Roles

2014 Steering Committee

  • Determine focus of 2014 self-study
  • Determine composition of 2014 subcommittees
  • Review self-study draft

2014 Executive Committee

  • Coordinate the self-study process
  • Develop and approve the self-study goals
  • Determine content of self-study
  • Develop and oversee self-study timeline
  • Formulate charges for subcommittees
  • Approve final self-study report
  • Oversee 2014 team visit

Criterion Subcommittees

  • Gather data and write an evaluative response to the criteria statements, addressing each core component and providing patterns of evidence

Operational Support Committee (IS&T, Library and Public Affairs)

  • Develop data collection process to be used by subcommittees
  • Develop database to track and manage progress of evidence
  • Create an electronic resource room
  • Plan for a logical, permanent location for storing evidence
    • to be used as electronic resource room and
    • for transition to Pathways
  • Develop internal website for information sharing between subcommittee members
  • Develop external website
  • Coordinate the design, layout and edits of the institutional self-study

Federal Compliance Committee

  • Examine and analyze all documents and processes that fall under the area of federal compliance
  • Ensure that Washington University in St. Louis is in compliance with all federal regulations
  • Provide analysis and supporting documentation to complete federal compliance section of the self-study