Self-Study​ (PDF)
Appendix A: Optional Supporting Evidence (PDF)
Appendix B: Federal Compliance and Resource Room (PDF)
School of Medicine Branch Campus Report​ (PDF)

Goals f​or the Self-Study Process

The overarching goal of this self-study is to demonstrate that Washington University in St. Louis meets the five criteria for accreditation as adopted in 2012 by the Board of Trustees of the Higher Learning Commission.

In addition, the self-study will respond to the observations and suggestions made by the visiting team after our last reaccreditation visit in 2004, and will also provide evidence that Washington University has rising aspirations and a culture that supports regular assessment and continuous improvement.

It is understood that a careful evidence-based self-study provides a valuable opportunity to learn about the university, to make the case for essential improvements and to celebrate our achievements and prospects. 

The self-study is being undertaken with the wide involvement and active participation of both university faculty and administrators.

Washington University's self-study will demonstrate that:

  1. Washington University’s administration and faculty are aware of and are guided by the university’s mission and that the missions of individual units are consistent with the overarching mission of the university.
  2. The university has continued to develop and gain strength in the 10 years since the last reaccreditation.
  3. The university plans for the future and that in its planning it is aware of both its challenges and its strengths and is aware also of the resources that will be needed to continue its upward trajectory.
  4. The university is aware of and responsive to the community and region in which it is situated and is also alert to the challenges and opportunities provided by changing technological, social, economic and political contexts.