2014 Higher Learning Commission Reaccreditation Visit

Spring 2012

  • Provost appoints steering committee members
  • Steering committee holds first meeting
  • Steering committee develops and approves 2014 draft timeline
  • Steering committee discusses subcommittee membership composition
  • Five steering committee members attend HLC annual conference

Fall 2012

  • Provost appoints 2014 accreditation executive committee
  • Committees develop “Washington University Goals of the Self-Study Process”
  • Committees determine organization of self-study
  • Committees outline subcommittee charges and roles
  • Provost appoints criterion subcommittees
  • Provost appoints operational committee
  • Vice provost meets with criterion subcommittee chairs
  • Orientation for criterion and operational subcommittees (separately)
  • Criterion subcommittees begin fact-finding and evidence collection for the self-study
  • University sends 2014 self-study outline, timeline and committee roles to HLC liaison
  • HLC liaison visits campus
  • Operational committee develops 2014 internal working (file sharing) website

Winter 2012

  • Criterion subcommittee chairs are introduced to the internal website
  • Criterion subcommittees continue to fact-find, write and refine their sections
  • Operational subcommittee discusses file gathering, naming and location for electronic resource room
  • Deans appoint school representatives for individual school reports

Spring 2013

  • Vice provost meets with professional school representatives to discuss and formalize school topic reports
  • Provost appoints federal compliance chair and subcommittee
  • Criterion subcommittees submit criterion self-study drafts for review
  • Selected members of steering and operational committees review and edit criterion self-study drafts
  • Selected members of steering, executive and operational committees attend HLC annual conference

Summer 2013

  • Criterion subcommittee chairs receive revised drafts for review, comments and approval
  • Operational commitee begins development of phase one of the public 2014 test website
  • Electronic resource room collection continues
  • Vice provost reviews reaccreditation process with University Management Team at the roundtable discussion
  • Executive and steering commitees review and comment on phase one of the public 2014 test website

Fall 2013

  • Self-study comments and edits are due from criterion subcommittee chairs
  • 2014 public website goes live
  • Chancellor sends email to WUSTL community announcing 2014 vist and website
  • Executive and steering committees review and comment on self-study draft
  • Professional school reports are due
  • Provost, chancellor, University Council and general counsel review self-study draft
  • Board of Trustees reviews self-study draft
  • Layout designer receives self-study

Winter 2014

  • Federal compliance data is submitted and reviewed
  • Electronic resource room categorizing and collection continues
  • Selected committee members review and proof self-study layout design
  • Public website phase two development begins
  • Federal compliance data submitted to layout designer

Spring 2014

  • Self-study is finalized
  • University facilitates third-party comments process
  • Draft self-study is posted online for public comment
  • Selected members of steering, executive and operational committees attend HLC annual conference
  • Executive and steering committees review and comment on phase two of the public 2014 website

Summer 2014

  • Phase two of the public website goes live
  • University sends final self-study and materials to evaluation team and HLC

Fall 2014

  • HLC team visits campus September 22-24